Lengkuas Island


Meanwhile, in a several years ago, I make a trip to Lengkuas Island, that is located at tanjungpandan city, Belitung Island in Indonesia. To reach Lengkuas Island, we can rent a boat or ship from tanjung kelayang beach. After that we can trip in several island like "Pulau Burung", "Pulau Batu Belayar", "Pulau Pasir", "Pulau Lengkuas", "Pulau Babi". In a trip, boat can stop several times in certain spot. One of the spot is Spot for seeing coral reef. We can snorkeling in there. And Then we can see beautiful coral reef and swim with around many fish life. Not only seeing that, but also we can see Star Ocean, Mercusuar, beautiful scenary and many more beautiful spot for take a good picture/photo. Thas is very nice and beautiful place in there.