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At First, Let me introduce myself. My name is Tedy Suwanda.

I come from Surabaya City, Indonesia. But Now, I am staying in Pangkalpinang city, indonesia. Sometimes, i miss my hometown in Surabaya because i rarely go home to Surabaya. It can be, i can go home at once after of several months. Because of that, i realize that i have to be patient and pray a lot for hoping that i can move and stay closer to my hometown. So, i must be patient and take my time with activity for making me not to feel bored.

I learn a little bit about web programming. At past, i like for playing a game "Dota", but now, in a several time, i playing a game "Mobile Legend" because Dota spend more time then Mobile Legend. I like to play and watch badminton. I like to watch anime One Piece, Attack On Titan (AOT), Dragon Ball. At the end, this is just my ordinary website and need to improve, updating with many article/content for making this website more usefull to give an information or science when someone visiting.